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Vuetify Module for Nuxt.js
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Vuetify Module

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Vuetify Module for Nuxt.js

📖 Release Notes


  • Add @nuxtjs/vuetify dependency using yarn or npm to your project
  • Add @nuxtjs/vuetify to modules section of your nuxt.config.js
  modules: [

  // Vuetify options
  vuetify: {
    //  theme: { }

Module options


  • Default: true Adds Material Icons from google fonts api.


  • Default: true Adds vuetify.css to the start of options.css[]


  • Default: false Uses vuetify-loader to enable automatic tree-shaking. Make sure you add the vuetify-loader, stylus-loader and stylus dependencies using yarn or npm to your project first.


  • Clone this repository
  • Install dependencies using yarn install or npm install
  • Start development server using npm run dev


MIT License

Copyright (c) Nuxt Community

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