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Explore Nuxt Modules to build Vue applications

Nuxt Modules

npm version Nuxt Volta

Discover the Nuxt modules to add any CMS, Database, UI, Auth and integrations into your Vue application.

Modules Database

Metadata of nuxt modules are maintained in yml files inside ./modules directory and automatically synced from upstream to fetch latest information.

Add/Update a module

pnpm sync <name> <repo>

Example: pnpm sync tailwindcss nuxt-modules/tailwindcss

To sync with a branch different than main, suffix the repo with #repo-branch, example: pnpm sync tailwindcss nuxt-modules/tailwindcss#dev


  • If you feel a module is missing, please create a new issue
  • If some data is outdated please directly open a pull request

Using CDN

Compiled JSON data is available from following CDNs:

Using npm package

You can use the @nuxt/modules package by installing it in your project:

# npm
npm install @nuxt/modules

# pnpm
pnpm add @nuxt/modules

Then you can directly import the list of modules:

// ESM
import modules from '@nuxt/modules'

// CommonJS
const modules = require('@nuxt/modules')


Field Name Auto sync Description
name No Canonical name or integration name
description Yes Short description
repo No GitHub repository. Format is org/name or org/name#main/path
npm Yes NPM package name
icon No Icon of module from ./website/public/icons directory
github No GitHub URL
website No Website URL
learn_more No Link to learn more (website or relevant integration website)
category No Module category from ./lib/categories.ts
type No community (for nuxt-community), official (for or 3rd-party
maintainers Yes List of maintainers each item has name, github and avatar
compatibility No Module compatibility status. nuxt field specifies semver of supported nuxt version. requires.bridge: true|optional can be used to specify Nuxt 2 bridge compatibility.


Auto update all current modules

pnpm sync

Generate modules.json

pnpm build


MIT - Made by Nuxt Team


Discover the Nuxt modules to add any CMS, Database, UI, Auth and integrations into your Vue application.




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Security policy




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