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Core Presenter

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Powerpoint in Neorg

The presenter module creates slideshows out of notes or documents.


The presenter module provides a special Neorg display that resembles an active slideshow presentation.

To set it up, first be sure to set the zen_mode variable in the configuration. Afterwards, run :Neorg presenter start on any Norg file. The presenter will split up your file at each level 1 heading, and display each in a different slide.

NOTE: This module is due for a rewrite. All of its behaviour is not fully documented here as it will be overwritten soon anyway.


Required Modules

  • core.integrations.treesitter - A module designed to integrate Treesitter into Neorg.
  • core.keybinds - Module for managing keybindings with Neorg mode support.
  • core.mode - Modes are a way of isolating different parts of Neorg based on the current mode.
  • core.neorgcmd - This module deals with handling everything related to the :Neorg command.
  • core.queries.native - TS wrapper in order to fetch nodes using a custom table.
  • core.ui - A set of public functions to help developers create and manage UI (selection popups, prompts...) in their modules.