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nx-python is an ecosystem for developing and running Python homebrew applications on the Nintendo Switch. PyNX serves as the entry point to running Python apps on your Switch. It is a homebrew app that contains a port of the CPython interpreter and allows you to run Python applications from the Homebrew Menu. Just name your application and place it next to the PyNX.nro, and it will be executed as soon as you launch PyNX from the Homebrew Menu. Currently, Python 3.5 is supported.

Running PyNX on your Switch

You don't have to compile PyNX, you can just grab a release build and copy the content of the ZIP archive into the /switch folder on your SD card. PyNX will appear on the Homebrew Menu.

Compiling PyNX

Compile PyNX using make. This will create a build directory and build everything in there. Compiling might take a while, grab a coffee or whatever in the meantime if you like. Afterwards, create a distributable version using make dist. It will appear in the build directory.

Mac OS

You will have to install gnu-sed first(brew install gnu-sed).


Documentation can be found on ReadTheDocs.

Having an issue?

If you encounter a problem, make sure to join our Discord and tell us about it, or, alternatively, you can use GitHub's issue tracker to report an issue.