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O2System Framework

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O2System Email

O2System Email is a PHP Email Protocol Sender Library which is build for working more powerful with O2System Framework, but also can be used for integrated with others as standalone version with limited features.

Composer Installation

The best way to install O2System Email is to use Composer

composer require o2system/email



use O2System\Email;

// Create new email message
$message = new Email\Message();
$message->from( '', 'O2System Framework' );
$message->subject( 'Testing email message' );
$message->body('This is testing email message body content.');
$message->to('', 'Steeven Andrian Salim');
$message->priority( Email\Message::PRIORITY_HIGHEST );

// Create new email spool
$spool = new Email\Spool([
    'protocol' => 'mail'

$spool->send( $message );

Documentation is available on this repository wiki or visit this repository github page.

Ideas and Suggestions

Please kindly mail us at

Bugs and Issues

Please kindly submit your issues at Github so we can track all the issues along development and send a pull request to this repository.

System Requirements

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