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INWX DNS authenticator plugin for certbot

An authenticator plugin for certbot to support Let's Encrypt DNS challenges (dns-01) for domains managed by the nameservers of InterNetworX (INWX).


  • certbot (>=0.15)

For older Ubuntu distributions check out this PPA: ppa:certbot/certbot


  1. First install the plugin:
  • Without dependencies (if using certbot from your distribution repository):
    python3 develop --no-deps
  • With dependencies (not recommended if using certbot from your distribution repositories):
    python3 install
  • With certbot-auto (needs to be reinstalled after every certbot-auto update):
    /opt/ install .
  1. Configure it with your INWX API Login Details:

    vim /etc/letsencrypt/inwx.cfg
  2. Make sure the file is only readable by root! Otherwise all your domains might be in danger:

    chmod 0600 /etc/letsencrypt/inwx.cfg


Request new certificates via a certbot invocation like this:

certbot certonly -a certbot-dns-inwx:dns-inwx -d sub.domain.tld -d *.wildcard.tld

Renewals will automatically be performed using the same authenticator and credentials by certbot.

Command Line Options

 --certbot-dns-inwx:dns-inwx-propagation-seconds CERTBOT_DNS_INWX:DNS_INWX_PROPAGATION_SECONDS
                        The number of seconds to wait for DNS to propagate
                        before asking the ACME server to verify the DNS
                        record. (default: 60)
 --certbot-dns-inwx:dns-inwx-credentials CERTBOT_DNS_INWX:DNS_INWX_CREDENTIALS
                        Path to INWX account credentials INI file (default:

See also certbot --help certbot-dns-inwx:dns-inwx for further information.

CNAME Redirects

This plugin supports redirections on the DNS-01 validation records using CNAME records.

For example, you can have a domain a.tld which is not necessarily managed by INWX and possibly may not be automated via certbot. Additionally, you have a domain b.tld which is managed by INWX.

An easy solution to automate certificate retrieval for a.tld is to add a CNAME record for the name _acme_challenge.a.tld to a.tld which is pointing to i.e. _a_validation.b.tld in your providers web interface.

A command like certbot -a certbot-dns-inwx:dns-inwx -d a.tld will then make certbot place its validation token at _a_validation.b.tld via INWX and your validation for a.tld succeeds.

NOTE: This is an optional feature and requires dnspython to be installed. To install it use your distribution repository or i.e. pip install dnspython.