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DataSHIELD core classes for implementing the DataSHIELD platform in a data repository
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DataSHIELD core classes for implementing the DataSHIELD platform in a data repository.

Reference implementation is Opal.

Learn more about DataSHIELD.

See also DataSHIELD Interface (DSI) for identifying the web services needed to implement the DataSHIELD platform.


This package defines the core classes of the DataSHIELD configuration, mainly:

  • methods (the allowed functions, either package specific or scripted)
  • method types (either assignment, or aggregation)
  • options (the options set at session start)

These classes are not bound to a specific implementation language, despite only R is used at the moment.


When a DataSHIELD request is received, it must be parsed to identify and resolve the function calls and the allowed language elements. This package provides a R parser, based on a subset of the R language. This parser is to be used to secure the access to the data and to apply the DataSHIELD configuration before forwarding the request to the R server session.

What is currently NOT included (because it is too data repository specific):

  • R server session management
  • data assignment from database to the R session
  • DataSHIELD related web services


Available in OBiBa's Maven repository:

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