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Visualizing System Performance

This is a prototype developed for a major music company to visualize supply chain system performance, more specifically the delivery of media assets and metadata to the company's digital distribution partners. The team managing this process needed a real time and historic view into the performance of these systems with the primary objective of mitigating system downtime and identifying current and developing delivery activity issues.

  • Total package counts and packaging status for distribution partners are visualized with time series bar charts
  • The past 60 minutes are shown to the right with rolled up hourly and 2 hour history to the left
  • A mouse over on a bar displays the counts for the selected point in time
  • In addition to package counts darker shaded bars show a 'stale' package count; stale packages have been in a particular status longer than a set threshold

For the demo I added ui controls that allow you to change the update speed, the bar width and the sample count.

See Live Demo »