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Build for NCBITaxon Ontology

The NCBITaxon ontology is an automatic translation of the NCBI taxonomy database into obo/owl.


For details on using the ontology, see the OBO page:

This README details with technical aspects of the build


Releases of the obo/owl happen when the Continuous Integration Job is manually triggered. Currently this must be done by an OBO administrator. There is currently no fixed cycle, and this is generally done on demand. The team that informally handles this are:

  • James Overton, IEBD/OBO
  • Heiko Dietze, LBNL/GO
  • Frederic Bastian, BgeeDb/Uberon
  • Chris Mungall, LBNL/GO/Monarch/Uberon/OBO
  • Peter Midford, Phenoscape


Currently there is one subset, ncbitaxon/subsets/taxslim - for details, see subsets/


The license for this software is BSD3. See the LICENSE file.

Note that the content of the ontology is not covered by this software license. The content comes from NCBI.

Citing the NCBITaxon ontology

before citing, ask yourself what the artefact you wish to cite is:

  • The NCBI taxonomy database
  • The OBO/OWL rendering of the NCBI taxonomy database

The latter is a fairly trivial translation of the former. If you are in any way citing the contents then you should cite the database. Currently the most up to date reference is:

If you specifically wish to cite the OBO/OWL translation, use the URL for this page