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ObsPy 1.3.1 (doi: 10.5281/zenodo.7193374)

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@megies megies released this 14 Oct 09:25
· 1052 commits to master since this release


  • obspy.core:
    • Fix exclusion of magnitude 0 events in Catalog.filter (see #3105)
    • Trace.resample: Changed default for window to "hann" following a name
      change in scipy, "hanning" is not recognized anymore in newest scipy
      (see #3117)
    • Fix different data length for trim/slice methods (see #2608)
    • Add keep_empty_traces option to Stream.trim (see #2608)
    • Fix missing legend and plot artifacts in Inventory map plots at
      intersection of equator and prime meridian (see #3067)
    • Fix a bug in recaculation of overall instrument sensitivity (see #3099)
    • Fix colored IPython output on Windows (see #3148, #3171)
    • Add a warning in Trace.remove_response() docs, regarding using water
      level mechanism with instrument response non-flat with the requested
      output units (see #3172, #3136)
    • Fix reusing Catalog/Inventory map plots, i.e. doing multiple cartopy plots
      with these objects into the same axes (see #3018)
    • Fix Stream.rotate with multiple-station or multiple-event Streams (see
      #2623, 3155)
  • obspy.clients.fdsn:
    • Fix a bug in get_stations_bulk regarding parameter "includerestricted"
      (see #3158)
    • add URL mapping 'EIDA' for (see #3050)
    • Fix issue where "https://" URLs were not matched by the IRIS federator
      client, resulting in raspberry shake matches being excluded from results
      (see #3127)
    • Properly set HTTP Content-Type header in POST requests (see #3169)
  • obspy.clients.nrl:
    • deprecate online NRL client as it will stop working in Spring 2023 when
      old NRLv1 gets taken offline (see #3164)
    • enable reading from a downloaded full copy of the NRLv2 at (see #3058)
    • Fix a bug in recaculation of overall instrument sensitivity after
      assembling response from separate sensor and datalogger response parts
      (see #3099)
  • obspy.imaging:
    • Scanner/obspy-scan: skip directories without read permission (see #3115)
    • bulletin reading: correctly add Mag2 and amplitudes even if Mag1 is not
      present (see #2420)
    • fix a bug in endtime calculation when writing fixed flags block
      information (see #3165)
    • fix reading files that have a string header field with an empty value (see
      #3174, #3178)
    • fix a bug that resulted in losing decimation information of base type
      response stages (see #3159)
    • enable reading StationXML 1.2 and write new files with schema version
      1.2 (see #3153)
    • fix writing of wav files with rescale=True and default width=None
      (see #3029)
  • obspy.signal:
    • trigger_onset(): fix a bug when trigger off threshold is higher than
      trigger on threshold and a trigger is active at the end of the
      characteristic function (see #2891, #3013)
  • obspy.signal.PPSD:
    • show warning on input of a trace that is too short to be processed (see
    • fix time comparisons in time restrictions when doing custom stacks,
      compare less/greater or equal instead of strict less/greater than (see
  • obspy.taup:
    • Fix cycling through colors in ray path plots, now also fixes cartesian
      plot version (see #2470, #2478, #3041)
    • Fix slowness layer splits to avoid "TauBranch depths not compatible with
      slowness sampling." errors. (see #3062, #2682, #1938)
    • Fix pierce points for 2kmps phases (see #2754)