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REST API for provider of data services

This is part of the Ocean Protocol stack.

This is feature complete and is a BETA version.

What Provider does:

  • The only component that can access your data
  • Performs checks on chain for buyer permissions and payments
  • Encrypts the URL and metadata during publish
  • Decrypts the URL when the dataset is downloaded or a compute job is started
  • Provides access to data assets by streaming data (and never the URL)
  • Provides compute services (connects to C2D environment)
  • Typically run by the Data Provider

Technology used:

Python Flask HTTP server

Starting the server locally

Quick start

Uses the rinkeby network with a remote metadatastore instance running at

git clone
cd provider/

python3 -m venv venv
source venv/bin/activate

pip install -r requirements_dev.txt
cp .env.example .env

flask run --port=8030

Detailed steps

1. Clone the repo

git clone
cd provider/

2. Virtual env (optional)

Before running it locally we recommend to set up virtual environment:

virtualenv venv -p python3.8
# OR: python -m venv venv
source venv/bin/activate

3. Requirements

Install all the requirements:

pip install -r requirements_dev.txt

4. Dependencies

Metadata store (Aquarius). Do one of the following:

  • Run Aquarius locally, see
  • Point to a remote instance such as In this case replace the aquarius.url option in the config.ini file with the appropriate URL.

Ethereum network. Do one of the following:

  • Run ganache-cli
  • Point to rinkeby testnet or any other ethereum network

Make sure that ocean contracts ( are deployed to the your network of choice. Update the network option in the config.ini file with the proper network URL. For now it must be a URL, a simple network name (e.g. mainnet) will be supported in the future.

5. Start the provider server

Add the corresponding environment variables in your .env file. Here is an example:

PROVIDER_ADDRESS=your ethereum address goes here
PROVIDER_PRIVATE_KEY=the private key
PROVIDER_FEE_TOKEN = address of ERC20 token used to get fees

You might also want to set FLASK_ENV=development. Then run flask run --port=8030

Refer to the file for endpoints and payloads.

Environment variables
  • REQUEST_RETRIES defines the number of times file downloads are tried, accounting got network glitches and connectivity issues. Defaults to 1 (one trial, meaning no retries).
  • RBAC_SERVER_URL defines the URL to the RBAC permissions server. Defaults to None (no special permissions).
  • PRIVATE_PROVIDER if set, adds a "providerAccess": "private" key-value pair to RBAC requests
  • REDIS_CONNECTION defines a connection URL to Redis. Defaults to None (no Redis connection, SQLite database is used instead)
  • TEST_PRIVATE_KEY1 and TEST_PRIVATE_KEY2 are private wallet keys for publisher and consumer tests.
  • OPERATOR_SERVICE_URL defines connection to C2D
  • LOG_CFG and LOG_LEVEL define the location of the log file and logging leve, respectively
  • IPFS_GATEWAY defines ipfs gateway for resolving urls
  • ARWEAVE_GATEWAY defines arweave gateway for resolving arweave transaction ids.
  • AUTHORIZED_DECRYPTERS list of authorized addresses that are allowed to decrypt chain data. Use it to restrict access only to certain callers (e.g. custom Aquarius instance). Empty by default, meaning all decrypters are authorized.
  • USE_CHAIN_PROOF or USE_HTTP_PROOF set a mechanism for saving proof-of-download information. For any present true-ish value of USE_CHAIN_PROOF, the proof is sent on-chain. When defining USE_HTTP_PROOF the env var must configure a HTTP endpoint that accepts a POST request.
  • MAX_CHECKSUM_LENGTH define the maximum length for a file if checksum is required. If file size is greater, we do not compute checksum

Before you commit

If you are a contributor, make sure you install the pre-commit hooks using the command pre-commit install. This will make sure your imports are sorted and your code is properly formatted before committing. We use black, isort and flake8 to keep code clean.

Licensing your commits is also available: use the command licenseheaders -t .copyright.tmpl -x venv (or replace "venv" with your local virtual environment path). This option is not available as a precommit since it takes longer.

Versioning and releases

To release a new version of Provider, please follow the steps decribed in the release process