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SundayTasks is pluggable task architecture for CouchDB
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SundayTasks is a plugin based solution for a backend using CouchDB to handle the load that's required of a typical solution like this. While CouchDB it self can handle a lot of the grunt work of running a service like that, SundayTasks handles things like verifcation to check if your getting spam and hooking into various task and social media apis that needed to have a well rounded back end.


SundayTasks is consistent of three parts, first the main application framework which used Tornando for a scalable evented solution. Extensions which take care of saving the results and providing for example Facebook tokens. Then plugins which are your code that you want to execute.

Install from source::
$ python install

This installs an application called stasks which is used to run a single solution tree.

Install provided extensions::
$ pushd sundaytasks/extensions $ python install
Install provided example plugins::
$ popd $ pushd sundaytasks/example $ python install
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