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Easily minify CSS and JavaScript in VS Code
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JS & CSS Minifier

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A simple Javascript & CSS minifier.
A Minify button should appear in the status bar when opening a .js or a .css file. You can also run Minify: Document by clicking F1 or CTRL+SHIFT+P.

Loading custom configs

By default the extension will look for .uglifyrc, .cleancssrc and .autoprefixerrc.
You can change the paths in settings. After changing settings in any of the config files, make sure to reload with Minify: Reload config. If the reload fails, make sure you don't have syntax errors in your config. If you want to go back to the default config, rename/delete your config file(s).

The config parsed by the extension is just passed to terser, clean-css or autoprefixer. If the output is diffrent from what you expected, please confirm that the issue is with the extension and not terser, clean-css or autoprefixer before opening an issue.

Minify on save, disabled by default!

Minify on save can be enabled in settings.

Generate source maps

Source maps can be generated by changing es6-css-minify.genCSSmap and es6-css-minify.genJSmap respectively.


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