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Using Zend Framework 3 - A Free and Reader-Friendly Book on Zend Framework 3

Using Zend Framework 3 is an open-source project whose aim is to develop a good book on Zend Framework 3 that can be viewed well on any-sized device (from smartphones to desktops). If you want to take a look at the latest published version of the book, please visit the book website. If you find the book interesting, please do not hesitate to contribute (see below).

PHP code samples mentioned in the book can be found in the using-zf3-book-samples GitHub repository.

I also run related open-source projects: zf3-api-reference whose goal is to develop a good reference of ZF3 components & classes; and openbook, whose goal is to develop a convenient tool for generating HTML books from Markdown sources.


The content in this repo uses the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike license. You are free to use, modify and distribute the content for non-commerical purposes. Just mention the original author and provide a link to this repo.


You are welcome to contribute to make this book better:

  • If you found a bug in some sample PHP code in the book chapters, please feel free to report it on the Issues page.
  • If you found some inconvenience reading this book and want to explain the problem and suggest an improvement, please do that on Issues.
  • If you would like to fix a mistake in an image and contribute it via a pull request, the PNG images referenced in the Markdown files are stored inside the manuscript/en/images/ directory, their corresponding SVG (or GraphML) sources are in misc/. For editing SVGs, you can use the Inkscape editor. For editing the .graphml diagrams, please use yEd Graph Editor.
  • If you would like translate existing chapters from English to your home language and contribute your work via a pull request, please see below for additional instructions. Your help is highly appreciated!

If you are planning to make a contribution, please ensure you'd carefully checked you changes (to save my time).

Advice for Editors & Translators

The book's .md files use the Markdown format proposed by the Leanpub publishing company, and if you want to learn it better, please read this manual.

For modifying the Markdown sources of the book, please first make a fork of this repository.

For editing the .md files inside the manuscript directory, I would strongly recommend that you use the Notepad++ text editor. Notepad++ is very user-friendly and allows avoiding unnecessary problems with the character encoding (the UTF-8 encoding without BOM is used). Please ensure that you use 4 spaces instead of tabs (go to the menu Settings -> Preferences... -> Language and ensure you have Tab size: 4, and Replace by spaces ticked).

If you would like to help translating this book to your home language, please note that this can take about 1 month of full-time work (as the previous experience shows). But if you translate even one chapter that you like the most, I would appreciate.

When you are translating, please note there is no need to translate the manuscript/en/acknownledgments.txt file. This is just because I don't want to maintain its multiple copies.

Also, currently all images referenced in the book text are stored in manuscript/en/images/, so you can reference them as ../en/images/<image.png>). This is because I don't want to maintain the multiple copies of images, too.

To generate the book HTML, use the openbook tool. Before committing your changes please ensure you fixed all (where possible) errors/warnings reported by the tool.

If anything in this section is unclear, please report on the Issues page.

Names of the contributors I appreciate the most will be carefully listed under the Acknowledgments section of the book (however, do not hesitate to ask adding your name if you think your contribution was valuable - I'm glad to add your name, too).