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Using Zend Framework 3

Using Zend Framework 3 is a free and open-source book about popular PHP web development framework called Zend Framework 3.

The latest published version of the book can be found here:

Code samples can be found here:

Hope you enjoy the book!

Oleg Krivtsov


This book uses Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike license. You are free to use, modify and distribute this book for non-commerical purposes. Just mention the original author and provide a link to this license.


You are welcome to contribute into development of this book:

  • Report a typo or a mistake in text. You can do this on Issues page. Or fork the repository, make your changes to the code and contribute your changes via a pull request.
  • Translate existing chapters to your favourite language and contribute your work via a pull request.
  • Fix a bug in a book sample code a contribute your changes via a pull request.

Book text uses Markdown format, particularly its Leanpub flavor. To generate the book HTML, use OpenBook tool.

For modifying the Markdown source of the book, please use Notepad++ text editor (this allows to avoid problems with encoding, etc). Also ensure that you use 4 spaces instead of tabs.

For editing SVG images, you can use Inkscape editor (the images were originally created in this program). For editing .graphml diagrams, please use yEd Graph Editor.

Names of contributors will be carefully listed under the Acknowledgments section of the book.