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jahed commented Oct 15, 2016

Under a Pokemon resource (e.g., the URL to the encounters resource is not full. Meaning, unlike other URLs in the API, the client needs to ensure it requests it by prefixing the protocol and host.

For example:

    location_area_encounters: "/api/v2/pokemon/427/encounters",

Ideally it should be

    location_area_encounters: "http://po
nelsonic commented Feb 7, 2019

While this question and the corresponding answer might feel obvious to some people,
someone in our community recently asked it, and if one person asks it, it means others are thinking it.

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use your trusty browser "back" button and return to your mission.

If you are interested in the answer or would like to contribute your though

bnb commented Nov 5, 2018

The module is currently lacking tests. This is something that is 100% needed but also something I'm entirely unfamiliar with. Would 💚 some help on this!


  • good-first-issue -o exits appropriately
  • log returns a properly formatted output without any undefined (the repo name is especially tricky!)
  • `require('good-first-issue') operates and returns an object
kylemh commented Oct 10, 2019

Feature request

I don't want to see:

const SomeComponent = (props) => <div {...props} />

SomeComponent.propTypes = {}

I want to see:

SomeComponent.propTypes = {}

function SomeComponent(props) {
  return (
    <div {...props} />

Proposed solution

Create a custom lint rule to automate my above preferences.

Potential alternative

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