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klieret commented May 28, 2019

Type of Issues (Enhancement, Error, Bug, Question)


  1. Initialize Window
  2. Show it (window.Read())
  3. Run window.Disable()
  4. The whole desktop environment freezes, nothing is clickable anymore
  5. Change to tty terminal and kill application
  6. Things are normal again

Operating System

Ubuntu 16.04 LTS 64 bit

Python version

Python 3.5.2


bitfield commented Apr 26, 2020

It's common when writing scripts that install or configure things to need input from the user (at a minimum, something like 'Press Enter to continue'; at a maximum, to be able to prompt the user for input, with an optional default value, and return that value).

Let's use this issue to design how that would look, and I invite suggestions!

androiddevnotes commented Jul 22, 2020

If you want to contribute android projects to awesome-android-kotlin-apps, Pull Requests are welcomed!

If you are a beginner looking for your first contribution to Open Source, I will help you with Pull Request and contributing guide. 🐣 contact: / twitter:

Feel free to send Pull Requests, fix typos, grammatical mistakes ...

github-actions[bot] commented Nov 1, 2021

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bnb commented Nov 5, 2018

The module is currently lacking tests. This is something that is 100% needed but also something I'm entirely unfamiliar with. Would 💚 some help on this!


  • good-first-issue -o exits appropriately
  • log returns a properly formatted output without any undefined (the repo name is especially tricky!)
  • `require('good-first-issue') operates and returns an object

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