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latex-moderncv is a repository containing my resume compiled in latex using a very nice modern theme


Latex is a fantastic typesetting program that a lot of people use these days, especially the math and computer science people in academia. You can find out more about it here:

If you are looking for latex resume templates, I would recommend looking at this nice list an anonymous person put together:

The moderncv theme for my resume is contributed by Xavier Danaux and can be downloaded here:


You will need to have latex installed on your system. If you are using OSX, the easiest way to get up and running is to download MacTex:


Install Latex and download the moderncv theme. Place the moderncv theme somewhere Latex can find it. Check out the Makefile to change the variable CV_NAME = olga-botvinnik-cv for

 olga-botvinnik-cv.tex olga-botvinnik-cv.pdf /moderncv


This is where it gets tricky. To have the different sub-sections in "Publications," you need to use the multibib package. I used three different sections for the references in my resume (corresponding .bib file):

  • "Journal Articles" (articles.bib)
  • "Books" (books.bib)
  • "Conference Posters" (posters.bib)

I initialized the "Book," "Journal Article", and "Conference Poster" sections was initialized in the preamble (aka before \begin{document}). Notice that the citation directive book corresponds to "Books", article corresponds to "Journal Articles," and poster corresponds to "Conference Posters:"

newcites{book,article,poster}{{Books},{Journal Articles},{Conference Posters}}

In the actual document, here is what my citations look like. Notice that nocitearticle corresponds to the article initialized above, while articles.bib is the actual reference file:

% --- START for use with multibib package --- % Publications from a BibTeX file using the multibib package section{Publications}

nocitearticle{*} bibliographystylearticle{habbrvyrolgabold} bibliographyarticle{articles} % 'articles' is the name of a BibTeX file

nocitebook{*} bibliographystylebook{habbrvyrolgabold} bibliographybook{books} % 'books' is the name of a BibTeX file

nociteposter{*} bibliographystyleposter{habbrvyrolgabold} bibliographyposter{posters} % 'posters' is the name of a BibTeX file % --- END for use with multibib package ----

Compiling the Resume

This is also tricky. I wanted to automatically build the bibliography every time, and do it from scratch. To do this, edit the Makefile to use your own .tex file name in CV_NAME = olga-botvinnik-cv (e.g. for olga-botvinnik-cv.tex), and then do:

make cv

Cover Letters

To make cover letters, e.g. for Post-Doc applications, check out potential-advisors/example-advisor.tex. This is the cover letter template. This was also tricky to figure out but what's nice is that for all .tex files that you add to potential-advisors, the make command will iterate over all of them and create a single Cover Letter + CV document that you can send to them. The command is:

make coverletter


You are free to take my .tex file and modify it to create your own resume. Please don't use my resume for anything else without my permission, though!

Good luck!

Differences between the original fork

  • References/Publications
    • Uses three publication definitions using multibib: journal, book, and poster
    • Uses habbrvyrolgabold.bst BibTeX style to sort publications by year and bold my name, Olga B Botvinnik. To bold your name, search for "Olga B Botvinnik" in habbrvyrolgabold.bst in the file and use your name instead
  • Visual style
    • Uses classic style
    • Added page numbers with "Page 3 of 4" at bottom right footer
  • Output and usage
    • Added a Makefile to make cv for the publications because it's pretty tedious otherwise.
      • If you try to switch between BibTeX and Bib**La**TeX, it will complain that BibLaTeX didn't create the .bbl file. So, make all calls make clean which removes all .aux, .blg and .bbl files so that you start fresh every time.
    • Makefile also has make coverletter which iterates over the .tex files in the potential-advisors folder and creates a single coverletter + cv file with the advisor's name, e.g. olga-botvinnik-cv-example-advisor.pdf


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