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OmniTI Labs

Code repository for a wide range of tools developed during our scalability and performance engagements.

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  1. Advanced WAL File Management Tools for PostgreSQL

    Perl 159 31

  2. AMQP Support for Postgres

    C 152 54

  3. Forked from illumos/illumos-gate

    Note, this is a quasi-private archive for OmniTI, you probably want :: Community developed and maintained version of the OS/Net consolidation

    C 47 21

  4. JLog - Journaled Log

    C 38 24

  5. Zetaback is a thin-agent based ZFS backup tool. It is designed to help simplify the task of backing up thousands of filesystems on hundreds of machines across and organization. It simplifies the ta…

    Perl 32 8

  6. JSend is a specification for a simple, no-frills, JSON based format for application-level communication.

    266 30

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