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Slashy - Your open-source custom slash-commands bot

Hey, I'm Slashy - your friendly neighborhood custom-command bot!

The code for this bot exists because I'm like the open-source community, so feel free to run it yourself, or submit pull requests to improve it.

You can get help on using the bot with the /slashy help command in any of the servers Slashy is in, or in Slashy's DM-s.


Click right here to add Slashy to your server.


Check for all changes.


Below are all the commands you can currently use.

Underlined commands mean that only members with a set permission can use them. Defaults to owner-only.. Set with /slashy config <role> which is always restricted to the owner permission..

<> are required arguments and [] are optional arguments.

You can't create commands with names that start with slashy as I've reserved those for the bot.

Command Usage Description
add /slashy add <name> <reply> [description] [ephemeral] Add new slash commands.
The description field is optional, with the bot using A command made by Slashy by default.
remove /slashy remove <name> Remove existing slash commands.
edit /slashy edit <name> [new-reply] [new-description] [new-ephemeral] Edit an existing command's reply, description, or both.
config /slashy config <role> Set the role required to manage slash commands. Can only be run by the server owner.
list /slashy list List all of your server's commands.
stats /slashy stats Display some Slashy statistics.
Different outputs whether you run it in a server or a DM.
help /slashy help You guessed it, shows you this, but in Discord!


These are all the placeholders you can use in your custom command replies. They don't work in descriptions because that can't be dynamically changed. Feel free to open an issue to suggest any new ones.

Placeholder Description
[[user]] Mentions the user who ran the command.
[[]] The user ID of the user who ran the command.
[[]] The username of the user who ran the command.
[[owner]] Mentions the server owner.
[[]] The user ID of the server owner.
[[user.avatar]] The avatar URL of the user who ran the command.
[[server]] The server name.
[[]] The server's ID.
[[server.member_count]] The server's member count.
[[channel]] The channel the command was ran in.


Feel free.


This project is licensed under the GNU General Public License v3.0, so you can do a lot of things with it, as long as your code is open-source as well. Would be cool of you to link back to this project, but it's not required.

This was built using some code from LiveLaunch, which is licensed under the same license.


This repository is an open-source version of my Slashy bot that I will not be actively maintaining. The actual bot is written in Typescript, and I might release that later down the line.


Your custom slash commands Discord bot!