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This script was been created to monitor Windows servers for available updates. The script uses only the Windows Update API. ( The script checks the number of all available updates, and only the important types of updates separately (according to Zabbix template with the necessary metrics is attached to the script.


Tested on Windows Server 2008, 2012, 2016; zabbix 3.4.

How to use

The script can be used in two ways:

  1. Specify macroses {$ZSENDER} (full path to the zabbix_sender.exe) and {$ZPATH} (full path to the in the zabbix-node.
  2. Do not specify macros. Then it will automatically search for files zabbix_sender.exe and Search algorithm: The search is performed recursively in each parent folder starting from the script parent folder. F.e., if the full path of the script file is "c:\Program Files\Zabbix Agent\plugins\zbx.winupdate.vbs", then: search for files in the "c:\Program Files\Zabbix Agent\plugins" directory; if no files are found, check in the "c:\Program Files\Zabbix Agent" directory; if no files are found, check in the "c:\Program Files" directory; if no files are found, check in the "c:" directory.

Case 1

  1. Distribute the "zbx.winupdate.vbs" file to the required machines.
  2. Make sure that "EnableRemoteCommand=1" is enabled in "".
  3. Import the "Winupdates_vbs.xml" template.
  4. Specify the paths to "zabbix_sender.exe" and "" by the macroses {$ZSENDER} and {$ZPATH} respectively on each zabbix-node.

Case 2

  1. Distribute the "zbx.winupdate.vbs" and "winupdateSearchCheck.vbs" file to the required machines.
  2. Run the script "winupdateSearchCheck.vbs" manually: make sure the automatic files search is successful.
  3. Make sure that "EnableRemoteCommand=1" is enabled in "".
  4. Import the "Winupdates_vbs.xml" template.


All items are divided into 2 groups: "Winupdates vbs" and "Winupdates vbs panel". You can create a panel with a convenient display of the current status of available updates on the servers. To do this, you need to create a widget "Data overview" on the dashboard, in the application field specify "Winupdates vbs panel". See panel_example.jpg.


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