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A simple and easy to use composer for Tabla, the traditional Indian drums


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About Naad:

Naad (Sanskrit: Vibration), is a program for composing and playing loops, of the Indian percussion instrument Tabla.

Latest Exe Release is available here:

Program features:

Plays and composes Tabla loops out of up to 120 real samples of individual Tabla strokes (Bols) 

Loops can be composed on an interactive UI

Composition can be made using several loops

Compositions or loops can be saved and re-loaded

Accompaniments (Taanpura and Ghungaru). 

Samples are actual sounds in .wav format

Simultaneous multiple wav file samples can be played

Tempo can be varied

Randomness can be introduced in timing to make is sound less mechanical

Variation in Bols can be introduced in real time during play. 

Users can specify their own samples.

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