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                Sequel Rails Migrations
                    for Rails 2.3

Sequel provides a powerful API and platform for many things, but its migrations
aren't a great fit for Rails 2.3 out of the box.  Unfortunately, the upgrade to
Rails 3 is a large undertaking for existing applications, and often you'd like
to use Sequel sooner than that.

You also have a lot of ActiveRecord migrations in your existing application,
and you don't especially want to port them to Sequel.

This project can help.

This is a .rake file to be included in a Rails 2.3 project under
the lib/tasks directory.

Your Sequel migrations should *not* simply be included in the db/migrate
directory with your older ActiveRecord migrations!  Instead, create
a db_migrations directory under the Rails project root and put your
Sequel migrations there.  If you'd prefer a different directory,
search for "db_migrations" in the .rake file -- put the directory
where you want it.  Bear in mind that you do need the "../.." in
the path because the Rakefile is installed into lib/tasks.

The included .rake file will override standard Rails tasks like
db:migrate, db:rollback and db:version.  As usual, you can use
"rake -T" to get a list of available rake targets.  Any additional
targets added by this rakefile should be run automatically when

Did this help you?  Did you have problems deploying or using it?
Let Ooyala know through GitHub.

Want to make improvements?  Pull requests are appreciated.
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