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CNCF Sandbox project for lasting programs, documents and code from the GitOps Working Group.


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Welcome! OpenGitOps is a CNCF Sandbox project to define a vendor-neutral, principle-led meaning of GitOps. This will establish a foundation for interoperability between tools, conformance, and certification through lasting programs, documents, and code.


Name Description
Bookmark Tabs emoji Unicode 1F4D1. OpenMoji CC BY-SA 4.0 documents Lasting documents for the OpenGitOps project, which are versioned and released together (including the GitOps Principles and Glossary)
Calendar emoji Unicode 1F4C5. OpenMoji CC BY-SA 4.0 events A repo for GitOps community events (currently events either organized or curated by the GitOps WG Events Committee)
OpenGitOps logo icon color project Top-level information about the OpenGitOps project (this repo)
Globe with Meridians emoji Unicode 1F310. OpenMoji CC BY-SA 4.0 website Source code for OpenGitOps website
Health Worker Unicode 1F9D1-200D-2695-FE0F. OpenMoji CC BY-SA 4.0 .github Organization-wide default community health files for all OpenGitOps project repos


Be sure to review the OpenGitOps contributing guidelines and code of conduct.

OpenGitOps is currently guided by the CNCF GitOps Working Group, a WG under the CNCF App Delivery TAG. It is an open public working group welcoming anyone who would like to join and help. See How to Get Involved.


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  1. project project Public

    Repository for top-level information about the OpenGitOps project

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  2. documents documents Public

    📑 Lasting documents from the GitOps Working Group which are versioned and released together (including the GitOps Principles and Glossary)

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