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@bogdandrutu bogdandrutu released this Feb 10, 2021 · 190 commits to main since this release


This version of the OpenTelemetry specification includes a stable release of the Tracing API and Tracing SDK components.

Every document in the specification is now marked as either stable or experimental. Please read the versioning and support document for details.


  • Missed #1429 we will do a patch release v1.0.1 asap.

As part of this release we are marking a large part of our specification stable:

  • Trace (API/SDK)
  • Context
  • Baggage


  • Add cloud.infrastructure_service resource attribute
  • Add SpanLimits as a configuration for the TracerProvider(#1416)


  • Update default limit for span attributes, events, links to 128(#1419)
  • Update OT Trace propagator environment variable to match latest name(#1406)
  • Remove Metrics SDK specification to avoid confusion, clarify that Metrics API
    specification is not recommended for client implementation
  • Mark some entries in compliance matrix as optional(#1359)
    SDKs are free to provide support at their discretion.
  • Rename signal-specific variables for OTLP_EXPORTER_* to OTLP_EXPORTER_TRACES_* and OTLP_EXPORTER_METRICS_*(#1362)
  • Versioning and stability guarantees for OpenTelemetry clients(#1291)
  • Additional Cassandra semantic attributes
  • OTEL_EXPORTER environment variable replaced with OTEL_TRACES_EXPORTER and
    OTEL_METRICS_EXPORTER which each accept only a single value, not a list.
  • process.runtime.description resource convention: Add
  • Refine span name guideline for SQL database spans
  • Add RPC semantic conventions for metrics
  • Clarify Description usage on Status API
  • Add/Update Status + error mapping for Jaeger & Zipkin Exporters
  • Resource's MUST have a default value, is not
  • Add requirement that the SDK allow custom generation of Trace IDs and Span IDs
  • Add default ratio when TraceIdRatioSampler is specified by environment variable but
    no ratio is.
  • Require schemed endpoints for OTLP exporters
  • Resource SDK: Reverse (suggested) order of Resource.Merge parameters, remove
    special case for empty strings
  • Resource attributes: lowerecased the allowed values of the aws.ecs.launchtype
  • Trace Exporters: Fix TODOs in Jaeger exporter spec
  • Clarify that Jaeger/Zipkin exporters must rely on the default Resource to
    get if none was specified.
  • Modify OTLP/Zipkin Exporter format variables for 1.0 (allowing further specification post 1.0)
  • Add k8s.node semantic conventions (#1390)
  • Clarify stability for both OTLP/HTTP and signals in OTLP.
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