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Nov 28, 2022

Open Watcom v2 Fork

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WikiDocs Mirror

Welcome to the Open Watcom v2 Project!

For more information about the project and build instructions see the GitHub wiki.

Discuss the Project on GitHub, Reddit or Discord.

GitHub, join the discussion Open Watcom on GitHub

Reddit Server, join the discussion Open Watcom on Reddit

Discord Server for Open Watcom 2.0, use following invite link to setup access to Open Watcom 2.0 Discord server. This Discord Server is moderated by the Open Watcom 2.0 Github group to remove spam, unrelated discussions about personal opinions, etc. It is intended for user and developer assistance with Open Watcom 2.0. It is possible to ask about an older versions of Open Watcom, but it is primarily for Open Watcom V2.

Other general Discord server for "Open Watcom" exists invite link. It is mainly for older versions of Open Watcom.

Oficial OpenWatcom site only WEB site is up, all other services (bugzilla, Wiki, News server, Perforce) is down for long time, it looks like it is dead.

Source Tree Layout

Open Watcom allows you to place the source tree almost anywhere (although we recommend avoiding paths containing spaces). The root of the source tree should be specified by the OWROOT environment variable in setvars (as described in Build document). All relative paths in this document are taken relative to OWROOT location. Also this document uses the backslash character as a path separator as is normal for DOS, Windows, and OS/2. Of course on Linux systems a slash character should be used instead.

The directory layout is as follows:

  - The root of the build tree. Each project has a subdirectory under
    bld. For example:
      bld\cg       -> code generator
      bld\cc       -> C compiler
      bld\plusplus -> C++ compiler
      (see projects.txt for details)

  - Various files used by building tools. Of most interest are the
    *.ctl files which are scripts for the builder tool (see below)
    and make files (makeint et al.).

  - Here is everything related to documentation, sources and tools.

  - Contains manifests and scripts for building binary distribution

  - Third party source code which is not integral part of Open Watcom.
    This directory contains especially several DOS extenders.

  - This is where all build tools created during phase one are placed.

  - This is default location where the software we actually ship gets
    copied after it is built - it matches the directory structure of
    our shipping Open Watcom C/C++/FORTRAN tools. You can install the
    system by copying the rel directory to your host and then setting
    several environment variables.

    Note: the rel directory structure is created on the fly. The
    location of rel tree can be changed by `OWRELROOT` environment

OpenWatcom Installation

Installer installation instruction in Documentation (OW Wiki).

OpenWatcom Building

Building instruction in OW Wiki.


Open Watcom V2.0 - Source code repository, Wiki, Latest Binary build, Archived builds including all installers for download.







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