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A list of camera model, maker and their associated camera sensor size.
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Camera Sensor Size Database

An open camera sensor size database.


This repository contains a list of camera model and their corresponding camera sensor size.

Linking image entry to image EXIF data allow to compute approximate focal length (in pixels)

focal_pix = (max( w, h ) * focal_mm) / ccdw_mm

  • focal_pix: the focal length in pixels,
  • focal_mm: the EXIF focal length (mm),
  • w,h the image of width and height (pixels),
  • ccdw_mm: the known sensor width size (mm).


There are two flavors of the database.

The sensor_database.csv has the format


The sensor_database_detailed.csv


The initial version of this database has been contributed by the openMVG project and Gregor Brdnik, the creator of

Contributions to the database are welcome (please use the pull request mechanism)


The database is available under the MIT license, see the LICENSE text file.

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