A list of camera model, maker and their associated camera sensor size.
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Camera Sensor Size Database

An open camera sensor size database.


This repository contains a list of camera model and their corresponding camera sensor size.

Linking image entry to image EXIF data allow to compute approximate focal length (in pixels)

focal_pix = (max( w, h ) * focal_mm) / ccdw_mm

  • focal_pix: the focal length in pixels,
  • focal_mm: the EXIF focal length (mm),
  • w,h the image of width and height (pixels),
  • ccdw_mm: the known sensor width size (mm).


There are two flavors of the database.

The sensor_database.csv has the format


The sensor_database_detailed.csv


The initial version of this database has been contributed by the openMVG project and Gregor Brdnik, the creator of http://www.digicamdb.com/.

Contributions to the database are welcome (please use the pull request mechanism)


The database is available under the MIT license, see the LICENSE text file.