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Broadcast Automation LPFM IPTV

OpenBroadcaster Multimedia Framework

OpenBroadcaster focuses on reliability, accessibility and scalability over a having a bloated range of half baked/buggy features. It has an organic AJAX interface built with Gstreamer, HTML5 and Javascript to deliver a web application in support of broadcast radio and TV automation, media asset management and dynamic community programming. One OBServer may manage one or more OBPlayer in a synchronized network configuration or have the server and playout on one device or VM. There is a robust Plugin Module Architecture with many modules extending the core server application. The server has a Documented API to enable sharing digital media assets and metadata with revocable secure keys.

Usage Scenarios

Broadcast Radio and TV
  • Special interest, LPFM, community and multicultural broadcasters
  • Time and theme based music segments for public spaces
  • Dynamic Podcast assembler, logging and archiving
CAP Emergency Alerting
  • Broadcast Radio and TV
  • LED Outdoor Signage
  • CATV Alerts
Video Streaming
  • Low power community television
  • User generated community IPTV channel on CATV
  • Digital signage and visitor information
Media Asset Management
  • Media Asset Management
  • Media library, versioning and archiving
  • API Access and secure distribution


  1. obplayer obplayer Public

    📻 OBPlayer Streaming Automation Playout with CAP EAS Alerting

    HTML 117 43

  2. observer observer Public

    📻 OBServer Automation, Scheduler, Media Library and Player Manager

    145 45

  3. ad-manager ad-manager Public

    AD/PSA automated categories; "Upcoming", "Current", and "Expired"

    PHP 2 3

  4. reviews reviews Public

    Ratings + Comments support for media items. Comments and ratings can be added and deleted including weighting media for airplay.

    PHP 1


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