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Hanson Robotics Eva robot sensory and motor API
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Eva Robot ROS Sensory+Motor API

This repo contains ROS nodes for sensory input (vision, audio) and motor movements for the Hanson Robotics Eva robot. Previously, this repo used to contain more of the subsystem, but all of that code has been moved to the main OpenCog repo:

What is left here is an assortment of ROS nodes that subscribe to ROS visual and audio sensory inputs, and forward these to the OpenCog spactime server (performing the needed format conversion).

Design goals

Provide a convenient, flexible interface between ROS and the OpenCog servers.

Current Architecture and Design

At this time, the code here provides a perception subsystem:

  • Several ROS nodes that forward visual and sound data to the OpenCog spacetime server. This includes 3D locations of visible faces, the names of any recognized faces (as recognized by some external software), the direction from which sounds are coming from, and audio-power samples.

    (This needs to be replaced by a (much) better visual system.)

Some things it currently doesn't do, but should:

  • Integrate superior face-tracking and face recognition tools. Right now, the face tracker is recognizes known faces only with difficulty.

  • Additional sensory systems and sensory inputs. A perception synthesizer to coordinate all sensory input. High priority:

++ Audio power envelope (half-done, see sensors/, fundamental frequency (of voice), rising/falling tone. Background audio power. Length of silent pauses. Detection of applause, laughter, loud voices in the background, loud bangs.

++ Video-chaos: Is it light or dark? Is there lots of random motion in the visual field, or are things visually settled?


It works and is in regular (daily) use (2015, 2016, 2017...).


Initial setup, only needed to be run once.

bash scripts/


Run the following commands.

bash scripts/


Run the following commands.

bash scripts/ <robot-name>

could be han or sophia10


  • Need major overhaul of the time-space server API's. Need to be able to query them with pattern matcher
  • Need to create time-query atoms
  • Need to place sound-source direction into the space-server. (i.e. currently in time-map.scm map-sound)
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