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Open Cybersecurity Alliance

The Open Cybersecurity Alliance (OCA) fosters a cybersecurity ecosystem for exchanging information, orchestrated responses, etc. OCA is an OASIS Open Project.

Welcome to the Open Cybersecurity Alliance (OCA)

The Open Cybersecurity Alliance (OCA) is an OASIS Open Project, fostering an open cybersecurity ecosystem, where products from all vendors and software publishers can freely exchange information, insights, analytics, and orchestrated response, via commonly developed code and tooling, using mutually agreed upon technologies, data standards, and procedures.

For more information about OCA, visit our project website.

To learn more about how this Open Source project is governed, who our sponsors are, and who is serving on our Project Governing Board and Technical Steering Committee, check out the OASIS Open Project repository.

OCA sub-projects

OCA is an incubator for a growing number of Open Source projects. Check out our existing sub-projects:

Get involved!

Are you interested in learning more about OCA or would you like to contribute to our projects? Here are a few starting points:


  1. Information relating to the governance of the Open Cybersecurity Alliance (OCA) OASIS Open Project.

    21 9

  2. This project consists of an open source library allowing software to connect to data repositories using STIX Patterning, and return results as STIX Observations.

    Python 197 218

  3. Kestrel threat hunting language: building reusable, composable, and shareable huntflows across different data sources and threat intel.

    Python 241 47

  4. This repository hosts community contributed Kestrel huntflows (.hf) and huntbooks (.ipynb)

    Jupyter Notebook 23 6

  5. PACE Public

    Posture Attribute Collection and Evaluation

    19 4

  6. oca-iob Public

    Augmentation to Machine Readable CTI

    Python 15 3


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