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WCAG Color

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According to the WHO an estimated 1.3 billion people live with some form of visual impairment. This includes people who are legally blind and people with less than 20/20 vision.

This library helps you achieve the accessibility standards for color contrast outlined in the WCAG 2.0 specification.


npm install @opendevtools/wcag-color



ratio takes two colors, a foreground color, and background color, and returns a contrast ratio. ratio accepts most color formats:

  • HEX - normal (#0088ff), shorthand (#08f) and without hash (08f)
  • RGB - rgb(255, 255, 255)
  • HSL - hsl(210, 100%, 40%)
ratio(foreground: string, background: string) => number


import { ratio } from '@opendevtools/wcag-color'

ratio('hsl(210, 100%, 40%)', '#ffffff') // 5.57


score takes two colors and returns a score value. Read more below.

score(foreground: string, background: string) => 'Fail' | 'AA Large' | 'AA' | 'AAA'


import { score } from '@opendevtools/wcag-color'

score('hsl(210, 100%, 40%)', '#ffffff') // AA

Score from ratio

scoreFromRatio takes a ratio and returns a score value.

scoreFromRatio(ratio: number) => 'Fail' | 'AA Large' | 'AA' | 'AAA'


import { scoreFromRatio } from '@opendevtools/wcag-color'

scoreFromRatio(7.5) // AAA

Best color out of two

best takes two colors and a background color and returns the color which is best suited, from a contrast perspective, for that background color.

best(firstColor: string, secondColor: string, background: string) => string


import { best } from '@opendevtools/wcag-color'

best('#ffffff', '#000000', '#ffffff') // #000000

Score and ratio

  • Fail - Your text has a contrast ratio of less than 3.0
  • AA Large - Least amount of contrast for font size 18px and larger. The ratio is above 3.0.
  • AA - What you should aim for with text sizes below 18px. The ratio is at least 4.5.
  • AAA - Enhanced contrast with a ratio of at least 7.0. Valuable for texts that will be read for a longer period of time.