Incubator project to certify OpenFaaS providers
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alexellis Update label test to be compatiable with Kubernetes
- Kubernetes cannot support http:// in a label, so this test was
always failing, including in the commit that added it.

Signed-off-by: Alex Ellis (VMware) <>
Latest commit 27f9dc2 Sep 20, 2018


The purpose of this project is to certify that an OpenFaaS provider is doing what it should in response to the RESTful API.


The tests assume a local environment with basic authentication turned off.


Usage with gateway on

make test-swarm

You will need to have access to docker for creating and cleaning-up of state.


Usage with local Kubernetes cluster:

make test-kubernetes

You will need to have access to kubectl for creating and cleaning state.


This is a work-in-progress and attempts to cover the basic scenarios of operating an OpenFaaS provider.

Style guidelines

  • Initial versions use idiomatic Go for tests (no asserts or Gherkin)
  • Duplication is better than premature abstraction / complexity
  • Tests need to cope with timeouts and attempt retries when that makes sense
  • should pass gofmt
  • commits should follow contribution guide of openfaas/faas