GeoAPI provides a set of Java language programming interfaces for geospatial applications. The GeoAPI interfaces closely follow OGC specifications, adaptated to match the expectations of Java programmers.
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This is the root directory for the GeoAPI project. The main modules are:

Module Purpose
geoapi The GeoAPI normative interfaces.
geoapi-conformance A test suite for testing vendor implementations.
geoapi-examples Standalone examples used as part of the guidelines for turning a specification into Java interfaces.
geoapi-proj4/netcdf GeoAPI implementation examples as wrappers around the Proj.4 and UCAR NetCDF libraries.
geoapi-pending Contains experimental interfaces not yet targeted for a release.

In order to get early feedback from implementors we will occasionally issue a milestone release. For details please visit the project website.

How to build

A jar file will be created in the geoapi/target/ directory.