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SOS - Scalable Object Store

SOS (pronuounced "sôs") -- Scalable Object Store -- is a high-performance, indexed, object-oriented database designed to efficiently manage structured data on persistent media.

A schema is a collection of named, typed attributes. An object is an instance of attribute values conforming to the object schema.

A SOS container is a place where SOS users can insert, query, update and iterate over collections of objects objects.

sos_cmd is the CLI program to:

  • Create SOS containers.
  • Add schema to the container.
  • Add/import objects into the container.
  • Query objects from the container.

Please see sos_cmd -h for more information about how to use sos_cmd.

For more details about SOS documentation, please see SOS doc, which also contains SOS C API.

Compile Dependencies

  • For SOS python interface:
    • Cython
    • Python >= 2.7


./ # this will call autoreconf to generate `configure` script
mkdir build
cd build
../configure --prefix=/SOS/INSTALL/PATH [--disable-python] [--enable-debug]
# add `--enable-debug` to turn on debugging logic inside the SOS libraries
# add `--disable-python` to disable the Python commands and interface libraries
make && make install