Maven tooling for static code analysis
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Static Code Analysis Tool

The Static Code Analysis Tools is a Maven plugin that executes the Maven plugins for FindBugs, Checkstyle and PMD and generates a merged .html report. It is specifically designed for Eclipse SmartHome and openHAB code as it is tailored to respect their coding guidelines.

This project contains:

  • properties files for the PMD, Checkstyle and FindBugs Maven plugins configuration in the src/main/resources/configuration folder;
  • rule sets for the plugins in the src/main/resources/rulesets folder;
  • custom rules for PMD, CheckStyle and FindBugs and unit tests for the rules;
  • tool that merges the reports from the individual plugins in a summary report.


  1. A list of included checks.
  2. How to use and configure the Static Analysis Tool.
  3. How to integrate a new check into the tool.

3rd Party

  • The example checks provided in the static-code-analysis-config (MethodLimitCheck, CustomClassNameLengthDetector, WhileLoopsMustUseBracesRule) are based on tutorials how to use the API of Checkstyle, FindBugs and PMD. For more info, see javadoc;
  • The tool that merges the individual reports is based completely on source files from the that are distributed under a custom license. More information can be found in the LICENSE file.