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Functional verification project for the CORE-V family of RISC-V cores.

Getting Started

First, have a look at the OpenHW Group's website to learn a bit more about who we are and what we are doing.
For first time users of CORE-V-VERIF, the Quick Start Guide in the CORE-V-VERIF Verification Strategy is the best place to start.

Directory Structure of this Repo


Various utilities for running tests and performing various verification-related activities in the core-v-verif repository.


Empty sub-directory into which the RTL from one or more of the CORE-V-CORES repositories is cloned.

cv32e40p, cv32e40x, cv32e40s, cva6

Core-specific verification code.


Sources for the Verification Strategy document, DV plans, coding style guidelines and available coverage reports.


Common simulation Makefiles that support testbenches for all CORE-V cores.


Common components for the all CORE-V verification environments.


Verification components supported by third-parties.


We highly appreciate community contributions. You can get a sense of our current needs by reviewing the GitHub projects associated with this repository. Individual work-items within a project are defined as issues with a task label.

To ease our work of reviewing your contributions, please:

  • Review CONTRIBUTING and our SV/UVM coding style guidelines.
  • Split large contributions into smaller commits addressing individual changes or bug fixes. Do not mix unrelated changes into the same commit!
  • Write meaningful commit messages.
  • If asked to modify your changes, do fixup your commits and rebase your branch to maintain a clean history.