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OpenID library for Python
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This is the Python OpenID library.

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  • Python 2.6, 2.7.


To install the base library, just run the following command:

python install

To run you need the distutils module from the Python standard library; some distributions package this seperately in a "python-dev" package.


The examples directory includes an example server and consumer implementation. See the README file in that directory for more information on running the examples.

Library documentation is available in html form in the doc directory.


This library offers a logging hook that will record unexpected conditions that occur in library code. If a condition is recoverable, the library will recover and issue a log message. If it is not recoverable, the library will raise an exception. See the documentation for the openid.oidutil module for more on the logging hook.


The documentation in this library is in Epydoc format, which is detailed at:


Send bug reports, suggestions, comments, and questions to

If you have a bugfix or feature you'd like to contribute, don't hesitate to send it to us. For more detailed information on how to contribute, see

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