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.jcheck 8190985: .jcheck/conf files contain 'project=jdk10' Sep 21, 2018
bin 8214718: Update missing copyright year in build system Dec 3, 2018
doc 8223944: fix zlib related building docu and comments May 16, 2019
make 8214545: sun/management/jmxremote/bootstrap tests hang in revokeall.e… May 22, 2019
src 8224522: Shenandoah should apply barriers on deoptimization May 22, 2019
test 8224529: [TESTBUG] JFR TestShenandoahHeapRegion* tests fail on build … May 22, 2019
.gitignore 8210283: Support git as an SCM alternative in the build Sep 7, 2018
.hgignore 8202822: Add .git to .hgignore May 10, 2018
.hgtags Added tag jdk-13+21 for changeset f2f11d7f7f4e May 16, 2019
ADDITIONAL_LICENSE_INFO 8193208: Add additional licensing file for the JDK Dec 14, 2017
ASSEMBLY_EXCEPTION 8166799: ASSEMBLY_EXCEPTION contains historical company name Oct 7, 2016
Makefile 8165161: Solaris: /usr/ccs /opt/sfw and /opt/csw are dead, references… Sep 21, 2016
README 8205956: Fix usage of "OpenJDK" in build and test instructions Jun 28, 2018
configure 8187444: Forest Consolidation: Make build work Sep 12, 2017


Welcome to the JDK!

For information about building the JDK, including how to retrieve all
of the source code, please see either of these files:

  * doc/building.html   (html version)
  * doc/     (markdown version)

See for more information about the OpenJDK
Community and the JDK.
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