Python API for Magento


Magento Python API

Python library to connect to Magento Webservices.

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import magento

url = ''
apiuser = 'user'
apipass = 'password'

with magento.Product(url, apiuser, apipass) as product_api:
    order_filter = {'created_at':{'from':'2011-09-15 00:00:00'}}
    products = product_api.list(order_filter)

with magento.ProductTypes(url, apiuser, apipass) as product_type_api:
    product_type = product_type_api.list()

with magento.Product(url, apiuser, apipass) as product_api:
    sku = 'prod1'
    product =

with magento.API(url, apiuser, apipass) as magento_api:
    # Calling custom APIs if you have extension modules on your
    # magento installation
    websites ='ol_websites.list', [])
    store_group ='ol_groups.list', [])
    store_views ='ol_storeviews.list', [])

with magento.Order(url, apiuser, apipass) as order_api:
    order_increment_id = '100000001 '
    status = 'canceled'
    order_api.addcomment(order_increment_id, status)

with magento.Store(url, apiuser, apipass) as store_api:
    store_id = '1'
    store_view_info =
    store_views = store_api.list()

 with magento.Magento(url, apiuser, apipass) as magento_api:
    magento_info =


GNU Affero General Public License version 3

See LICENSE for more details