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Magento OpenERP Integration

This is a stable version of Magento OpenERP connector II, combining the latest stable versions of the e-commerce platform and ERP software, Magento 1.7 and OpenERP 7 respectively. This connector eradicates the earlier problems of the Magento OpenERP connector as the code is written from scratch. The Magento OpenERP connector is fully tested automatically for regressions. The developers at Openlabs have followed the policy of ‘Simple is Beautiful’ for the creation of this connector.


The Magento OpenERP connector was created out of respect for the customers of Openlabs and the users around the world, who were left stranded after the release of OpenERP version 7. The primary motive was to create a simpler, faster and clean connector unlike the previous ones. The connector is available free of charge.

Features of Magento OpenERP connector

  • Multiple Magento instance architecture: The existing structure has been retained with each instance having multiple websites with each website comprising of different stores leading to a group of store views. The users can import these Magento instance parameters to OpenERP with the assistance of this connector.
  • Import and Export: Users can import catalogues, categories and products along with customers’ information and addresses. The Magento OpenERP connector imports every order status including the cancelled orders. The other imported orders are pending, enqueued, started, done or failed. The connector also creates a contact if it did not exist earlier.
  • Synchronization: The Magento OpenERP connector processes the import of orders on the basis of the order status in OpenERP, thus synchronising the information across the e-commerce and ERP platforms.
  • No Duplication: One individual task is created for each record to import in OpenERP for sales order, customer, product and other categories thus reducing data redundancy.
  • Fully Tested: The connector and the integration is completely scrutinized by unit test cases which check the functionality with different order and product types and other combinations. The testing ensures that the connector behavior is predictable and active development does not hinder the working features. You can see it for yourself.

New features and functionality to be implemented have been added to our issues list.

Contributions and suggestions to improve the connector are always welcome, courtesy to the truly 100% Open Source nature of the software.


Visit the Openlabs website for latest news and downloads. You can also follow us on Twitter @openlabsindia to receive updates on releases.


If you have any questions or problems, please report an issue.

You can also reach us at or talk to a human at +1 813 793 6736. Please do not email any of the Openlabs developers directly with issues or questions as you're more likely to get an answer if you create a github issue or email us at the above address.

You can also mail us your ideas and suggestions about any changes.

Professional Support

This module is professionally supported by Openlabs. If you are looking for on-site teaching or consulting support, contact our sales team.

Alternatively, you could purchase a support pack for help in configuring and setting up the connector. View details

About Us

Openlabs specialises in building business applications for small and medium enterprises. Our previous efforts includes nereid, Poweremail, Magento OpenERP integration & Callisto modules for OpenERP. Openlabs is committed to creating innovations in the Open Source sphere.