Font glyphs for GL Styles with open fonts
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Open Font Glyphs for GL Styles

This project packages the most common free fonts with fontnik so you don't have to worry about SDL and gzipped PBFs. The fonts are deployed to which also supports concatenating fonts.

Configure Mapbox GL Style JSON

Your current Mapbox GL Style JSON configuration for glyphs will look like this.

"glyphs": "mapbox://fonts/openmaptiles/{fontstack}/{range}.pbf",

In order to use the fonts without a Mapbox API key edit your Mapbox GL Style JSON and change the endpoint for glyphs to{fontstack}/{range}.pbf.

"glyphs": "{fontstack}/{range}.pbf",

Supported Font Families

The following fonts that are available in Mapbox Studio are supported.

  • Noto Sans (patched by Klokan Technologies)
  • Open Sans
  • PT Sans
  • Roboto
  • Metropolis

Package the Fonts

Install required packages:

npm install

Generate fonts:

node ./generate.js

The PBFs will created be in the _output directory.

Font License

Please mind the license of the original fonts. All fonts are either licensed under OFL or Apache.