Scripts for OME releases.
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OME release scripts

These scripts are used during release to generate the downloads pages for each release of OME, i.e.:

They are also used for each release of the following partner projects:

and some custom third-party packages:

Prior to the downloads page generation, the artifacts for the corresponding release must have been copied to the root folder of the downloads page published at

Several environment variables can be configured for the downloads page generation:

  • RELEASE is the number of the upcoming release for example 4.4.7

  • for the OMERO or the OMERO.searcher downloads page generation, OMERO_BUILD or BUILDNUM determines the build number of the job used to produce the release artifacts.

  • for the OMERO.searcher downloads page generation, PYSLIDVERSION and RICERCAVERSION determine the version numbers of the pyslid and ricerca modules.

  • for OMERO, OMERO.figure, OMERO.searcher and OMERO.webtagging, ANNOUNCEMENT_URL specifies the URL of the announcement post to be used in the downloads page.

  • for OMERO, MILESTONE is the name of the Trac milestone associated with the release.

To clean the target folder, run:

   make clean

To generate a downloads page, run the corresponding target (see table below), e.g.:

  make omero

The output of the target will be located under the content/ subfolder and can be copied over to the release folder.

Name Target
OMERO omero
Bio-Formats bf
FLIMFit flimfit
u-track u-track
OMERO.webtagging webtagging
OMERO.searcher searcher
OMERO.figure figure
OMERO.mtools mtools
Ice ice

Additional environment variables are defined in the scripts but should not need to be modified:

  • RSYNC_PATH and PREFIX are the root folder and the prefix of the folder containing the release artifacts.