A ready to work Client/Server application built with Scalatra, scalaJS, scalaTags, scalarx and autowire. An example using the svg lib.
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ScalaWUI (Scala Web UI)#

The project aims at building a small but complete client / server application using very powerfull scala tools to construct fully typed and reactive Web applications. Among them:

as well as scaladget to draw some svg and display a http://d3js.org/-like workflow.

It is an empty ready-to-work application, dealing with all the starting wiring. This prototype also exposes as example a small Graph editor inspired from http://bl.ocks.org/cjrd/6863459 javascript example, but written witten in a reactive way thanks to the scala.rx library.

Build & Run##

First, build the javascript:

$ cd scalaWUI
$ sbt
> go // Build the client JS files and move them to the right place

Then, start the server:

> jetty:start // Start the server

Play with the graph

Open http://localhost:8080/ in your browser.

The demo provides with a small graph based on d3.js library but with no D3 at all. It only relies on the previously cited libraries. Try to :

  • drag the nodes to move them
  • shift-click on graph to create a node
  • shift-click on a node and then drag to another node to connect them with a directed edge
  • click on node or edge and press delete to delete