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Example Scripts

These are example scripts for Openplanet. All examples are fully commented to explain what's going on in the code.

If you have a script you want to contribute to this repository, please don't hesitate submitting a pull request.


This plugin demonstrates how persistent settings can be created and automatically stored in Openplanet's Settings.ini file.

Settings must be either a bool, int, float, or string. More will be added in the future if they are deemed necessary.


This plugin demonstrates how a script loop works. Openplanet will execute the Main() function in our plugin every game/server frame.

We can then call yield() to suspend script execution and return execution back to Openplanet & Maniaplanet, or we can call sleep() with a milliseconds parameter to yield for a specific amount of time.

In this example, we will increase a variable by 2 on the first frame, decrease it by 1 the second frame, then wait 1 second and do it again.


This plugin demonstrates how coroutines work and how they can be created and managed.

Coroutines can be looked at in a similar way as threads, except that they are single-threaded. Whenever a routine yields or returns (also see Plugin_YieldTest.as) it will give the script engine a chance to run other coroutines from the plugin, as well as routines from other plugins.

Coroutines are not guaranteed to run at the same frequency, they are however guaranteed to be executed parallel within the same thread.


This plugin will open a TCP socket on port 80 to icanhazip.com, sends a GET request to the server, and waits for a response to print to log.

This is all done in an asynchronous manner - the connecting, the sending, and the receiving of the response. This is accomplished by yielding.


All scripts in this repository are MIT licensed. You can use them however you wish.