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Each server need a separate lua virtual machine environment! #70

fxg opened this Issue · 5 comments

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just about subject,for testing or development, a standalone lua VM ,is aways useful!

thanks for your great job!


What did you mean saying this? If you'll use LuaJIT2, then each nginx worker process will have separate lua VM. If you'll use Lua 5.1 instead, then you'll have no virtual machine at all.


@eoranged He means each (virtual) server block in nginx.conf owns its own Lua VM instance, that is, every nginx worker can have 3 Lua VM instances if the user defines three virtual servers in her nginx.conf.


@agentzh but when it could be useful? I see no profit creating separate Lua instances inside one process, especially with LuaJIT2.


Now I know a solution to this requirement: just define multiple http {} blocks for each server {} block and each virtual server will have its own isolated Lua VM and other configuration settings (in its surrounding http {} block).

I'm closing this :)

@agentzh agentzh closed this
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