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MongoDB IDE is Eclipse Plug-ins to manage MongoDB database. Those Plug-ins works on several context :


MongoDB Servers View

MongoDB IDE provides the MongoDB Explorer view which displays list of MongoDB server :

MongoDB Explorer View

This View displays and manages :

  1. list of MongoDB server that you can start/stop or connect/disconnect.
  2. for each server, list of databases.
  3. for each database, list of collections.
  4. for each collection, list of documents.

Start/Stop or Connect/Disconnect to MongoDB server

MongoDB IDE gives you the capability to :

  1. Start/Stop local MongoDB server with Eclipse by calling the /bin/mongod.exe (or mongod.sh) process.
  2. Connect/Disconnect to MongoDB server with Eclipse.

Start/Stop MongoDB Shell for Database

MongoDB IDE gives you the capability to start/Stop the MongoDB shell after selecting a database.



Server Editor

Database Editor

Database editor can be opened for a database :

Database Editor

For more information please read Database Editor section.

Collection Editor

Document Editor