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Nod Unity SDK

Nod Unity SDK verison 1.0.9

The current build of the Nod Unity SDK supports PC, iOS, and Android for Unity 5.x

Min sys requirements to operate, in all cases a device that supports Bluetooth LE is required: PC: Windows 10 iOs: iOs 8 Android: 5

After importing the NodUnitySDK.unitypackage, navigate to Assets\Nod\Examples\Scenes\ and load the various scene files to see examples of how you can use our APIs.

You will need to have our windows service installed to run on windows. You can find the service installer here:

Android requires a Nod app installed on the system (And your Nod device to be paired through the app and not at the system level), sign up for a developer account through to get the app.


Nod Unity SDK



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