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LuCI was founded in March 2008 as "FFLuCI" as part of the efforts to create a port of the Freifunk-Firmware from OpenWrt Whiterussian to Kamikaze.

The initial reason for this project was the absence of a free, clean, extensible and easily maintainable web user interface for embedded devices. While most similar configuration interfaces make heavy use of the shell-scripting language, LuCI uses the Lua programming language and splits up the interface into logical parts like models and views, uses object-oriented libraries and templating. That ensures a higher performance, smaller installation size, faster runtimes and what is even more important: better maintainability.

Meanwhile LuCI evolved from an MVC-Webframework to a collection of several libraries, applications and user interfaces with general purpose for Lua programmers while the focus still remains on the web user interface which also became an official part of OpenWrt Kamikaze.

LuCI is an open and independent project. Everyone is welcome to contribute.


The LuCI source has been moved to under the umbrella of the OpenWrt organization.


Submitting Tickets

You can raise issues on Please only open LuCI-related tickets there.

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