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Reference: LuCI Modules


The LuCI modules are divided into several category directories, namely:

  • applications (Single applications or plugins for other modules or applications)
  • libs (Independent libraries)
  • modules (Collections of applications)
  • themes (Frontend themes)

Each module goes into a subdirectory of any of this category-directories.

Module directory

The contents of a module directory are as follows:


This is the module's makefile. If the module just contains Lua sourcecode or resources then the following Makefile should suffice.

include $(TOPDIR)/

LUCI_TITLE:=Title of my example applications
LUCI_DEPENDS:=+some-package +libsome-library +luci-app-anotherthing

include ../../

# call BuildPackage - OpenWrt buildroot signature

If you have C(++) code in your module you should include a src/ subdirectory containing another Makefile supporting a clean, a compile and an install target. The install target should deploy its files relative to the predefined $(DESTDIR) variable, e.g.

mkdir -p $(DESTDIR)/usr/bin; cp myexecutable $(DESTDIR)/usr/bin/myexecutable


The src directory is reserved for C sourcecode.


luasrc contains all Lua sourcecode files. These will automatically be stripped or compiled depending on the Make target and are installed in the LuCI installation directory. The directory corresponds to /usr/lib/lua/luci/ on the target.


lua is equivalent to luasrc but containing Lua files will be installed in the Lua document root, which corresponds to /usr/lib/lua/ on the target system.


All files under htdocs will be copied to the document root of the target webserver, usually /www/.


All directories and files under root will be copied to the installation target as they are, means relative to the targets root directory.


dist is reserved for the builder to create a working installation tree that will represent the filesystem on the target machine.

DO NOT put any files there as they will get deleted.

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