Database abstraction layer
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Opis Database

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Database abstraction layer

Opis Database is a library that implements an abstraction layer over the PDO extension, by providing a powerful query builder along with an easy to use schema builder. The aim of the library is to provide an unified way of interacting with databases, no matter of the underlying relational database management system.

Currently, we are officially supporting MySQL, PostgreSQL, Microsoft SQL, and SQLite. We also provide experimental support - without any commitment regarding bug fixes and updates - for Firebird, IBM DB2, Oracle, and NuoDB query builder.


The full documentation for this library can be found here


Opis Database is licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0


  • PHP 7.0.* or higher
  • PDO


Opis Database is available on Packagist and it can be installed from a command line interface by using Composer.

composer require opis/database

Or you could directly reference it into your composer.json file as a dependency

    "require": {
        "opis/database": "^4.0"