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JavaScript SDK for Optimizely X Full Stack: A/B testing and feature management for product development teams
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zashraf1985 and mjc1283 fix: Added logger for react native which uses console.warn for error (#…


React Native App shows a full screen Red Message when console.error is called. This appears to be distracting for the developers. Added a new logger for React Native which uses console.warn to log error.

Test plan:

1. Manually tested thoroughly.
2. Added unit tests
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Optimizely JavaScript SDK

This repository houses the official JavaScript SDK for use with Optimizely Full Stack and Optimizely Rollouts.

Optimizely Full Stack is A/B testing and feature flag management for product development teams. Experiment in any application. Make every feature on your roadmap an opportunity to learn. Learn more at, or see the documentation.

Optimizely Rollouts is free feature flags for development teams. Easily roll out and roll back features in any application without code deploys. Mitigate risk for every feature on your roadmap. Learn more at, or see the documentation.


This repository is a monorepo that we manage using Lerna. Only one package lives here currently, but that may change in the future.

Package Version Docs Description
@optimizely/optimizely-sdk npm The Optimizely SDK


@optimizely/optimizely-sdk is developed and maintained by Optimizely and many contributors. If you're interested in learning more about what Optimizely X Full Stack can do for your company, please get in touch!



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