Oraclize API for Ethereum smart contracts
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As per request from #61 and oraclize/truffle-starter#2 and thanks to their contribution, we are releasing an Oraclize API targetted at more recent versions, namely 0.4.25, but compatible down to 0.4.22, and tested with stable builds between those versions inclusively using our internal test suite. 

NIGHTLY BUILDS NOT SUPPORTED, especially for 0.4.24/25 as they contain breaking changes being reserved for 0.5.
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Thanks to this Ethereum API helpers using Oraclize in your Solidity/Serpent code is very easy.

In Solidity it is as simple as inheriting the usingOraclize contract: this will provide you some functions, like oraclize_query, which make it trivial to leverage our technology straight away.

If you are using Serpent just import oraclizeAPI.se and enjoy the same Oraclize helper functions via macros!